Syed Ali Haider, Ph.D.

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Student Projects
  1. Spring 2024 - GUI for Static Code Analysis Tool
  2. Fall 2023 - Code grading using SCA and Machine learning
  3. Fall 2023 - High-efficiency Tokenizer for code language processing
  4. Fall 2022 - Code Quality Assessment using SCA and ML
  5. Fall 2021 - Static Code Analysis for early-stage programmers
Research Projects
  1. Spring 2023 - Reactive Traffic Congestion Control by Using a Hierarchical Graph
  2. Spring 2022 - Congestion Mapping and Just-in-time Mitigation for Emergency Vehicles in Smart Cities -
  3. Spring 2020 (ongoing) - Student Progress Monitoring Using Machine Learning

Students: Contact me if you would like to work on any of these projects. We can set up independent study or you can work on small term projects as well that nicely fit into larger projects. Working on research projects while you study reflects your ability to multi-task and gives you an edge in the job market. Research usally leads to a publication or two which enhances the presence of your resume. Last, but not the least, you will work on stae-of-the-art, creating solutions that help the industry and community in general.


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Book Chapter(s)

Syed Ali Haider, Khurram Kazi, Yasin Raja, Communication Infrastructures for Cloud Computing: Design and Applications, Book Chapter Communication Infrastructures in Access Networks, ISBN: 978-1-4666-4522-6, IGI-Global, 2013